Fred Perry X Raf Simons

Using the key pieces from Fred Perry, the Belgian designer marks his spot – dropping shoulders on sweatshirts, prints and logo applications on a palette of black, navy and white, while exploring the DNA and attitude of the wardrobe punk. A silver laurel wreath sits on each polo shirt, shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie – with the signature “Raf Simons” embroidered below.

For once, the famous Fred Perry polo shirt is redesigned, in a new and subversive design, highlighting the digitally printed images of Watson. This new collaboration draws its inspiration from the hearts of British youth of the 70s and 80. The pieces are decorated with pictures by the English photographer Gavin Watson, immortalizing the counter-culture and the energy of that time. By the age of 16, the artist had already collected more than 10,000 photographs from his peers, taken between the late 1970s and the early 1980s. Through his relationships and his love for music, Watson was able to capture a generation that used his clothing as a powerful tool for self-expression. This is not the first time that Raf Simons has reinterpreted Watson’s works, incorporating them into his male creations. Indeed, the previous collaboration Fred Perry x Raf Simons, used the images of the British photographer to celebrate the underground scene.