RunMotion Coach

Do you want to progress in running? Improve your reference time? Are you preparing for a semi or a marathon? However, you have neither the time nor the means to follow the training in the athletic section of your municipality … The RunMotion Coach application is certainly the best way to achieve your goals …. We tested it. Guaranteed results!
We are not used to talking to you about mobile applications on Suffice to say, if we dare to mention RunMotion Coach today, it is because we are convinced that it will help you progress in running.

Certainly, there is nothing better than training in a club, supervised by experienced coaches, to progress quickly. But it is more and more complicated to be able to adapt to the schedules and the calendar of training, while at the same time it is also necessary to manage your job, the house, the kids, the friends, … moreover, it just look at the quays of the Seine to realize that runners go out more often in the early morning, at lunchtime, on Saturday or Sunday morning; so not at 6 p.m. or 8 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday like in the neighborhood athletic club.
Like most of you, I have faced these difficulties in reconciling personal imperatives and my sporting goals. I think I have done everything: ask friends for advice and training plans; read specialized magazines or watch tutorials on the internet; download apps on my mobile that have proven useful in keeping track of my sessions. No, to progress, there is nothing better than being coached and RunMotion Coach helps you.

Technology at the service of all runners

This mobile application available on the App Store and Google Play, is based on a quality algorithm developed by one of its creators, Guillaume Adam, engineer and former selected in the French athletics team over 1500 meters. He was co-author of a research project analyzing running performance supported by MIT (Boston) and CNRS. His twin brother and partner, Guillaume, helped him to conceive the ambitious project of developing an application that offers the possibility to all running enthusiasts to benefit from personalized and practical support in order to progress.
The personalized follow-up of RunMotion Coach allows you to obtain the precise forecast time associated with the distance over which you wish to position yourself. Using the algorithm developed internally and resulting from research co-written by Guillaume, the application manages very precisely to calculate the VMA and the endurance index of a runner. This calculation is based on your race results and those of thousands of runners modeled by the application. RunMotion Coach can then give you a time prediction for your next race, whether it is on a marathon or another distance.

A customizable coaching app

Launched in 2019, the application already has more than 60,000 users, constantly and significantly increasing.

The application adapts to the level and needs as well as the requirements of the users.

Simple beginner, in search of motivation for launches or confirmed sportsman seeking to improve a personal record, all runners can benefit from the experience offered by RunMotion Coach. Its strong point is that it is also compatible with the Strava GPS application and the main sports connected watches such as Garmin, Polar or Suunto.
The coach’s contribution is reflected in his advice to the runner during training. Advice adapted to each person’s profile. This ranges from the structure of the weekly sessions to taking into account the psychological sensitivity of the runner. Finally, depending on your personality, you can choose the personality of your coach. The latter can be positive, authoritarian or even philosopher and will be able to find more correct words to push your limits. Personally, I chose the philosopher coach … but I think I will soon try the authoritarian.

A French App made in the Alps

The Adam twins, both athletes – 2:26 and 2:38 at the marathon…. yes anyway! – from the Alps, teamed up with Paul Waroquier, France Master record holder (over 40 years old) on Mile, expert in sport motivation and author of The Art of Winning. The application has already been awarded the French Tech Grant….

Real coaching

I have used RunMotion Coach as part of my preparation for the EcoTrail which is now postponed to October. The Premium version, which costs € 5 per month, which is very affordable. The app allowed me to access a training program suited to my level, my schedule and my goals. The digital coach gives real relevant and motivating advice to progress, it’s really not a gadget.

The only downside could be its lack of GPS tracking…. But the association with my watch largely does the job for the follow-up of my training.

Have I made progress? yes, and that’s why we’re talking about it!