Lacoste teams up with National Geographic

Lacoste and National Geographic celebrate nature through an unprecedented collaboration

This exclusive range is inspired by the ambitious National Geographic Photo Ark project. Led by award-winning photographer and National Geographic contributor Joel Sartore, Photo Ark is an initiative dedicated to representing all of the species living in zoos, aquariums and nature reserves around the world. This project and consequently this new collaboration, aim to celebrate the diversity and the splendor of the animal kingdom.

The design of this collection required an exceptional dive into the archives of Joel Sartore, which today list more than 10,500 species. Four key animals were finally chosen for their fascinating stories and their exceptional beauty: Grevy’s zebra (Equus grevyi), the poisonous frog (Dendrobates Auratus) in green and black tones, a dragonfly in Halloween colors known as the name of the giant Celithemius (Celithemis eponina), and the jaguar (Panthera onca). The crocodile is adorned with the stripes of the zebra, or even spots that camouflage the body of the poisonous frog.

Throughout the collection, the dresses and dazzling scales of these four species are presented in the form of graphics and prints. The collaboration offers everyone the opportunity to adopt the designs of the jaguar for a day, or to wrap themselves in the bewitching wings of the dragonfly with hypnotic lines.

The message is intended above all to be educational: each item of clothing in the collection is accompanied by a label specially created to provide all the information relating to each species.