Make home sporty again

We are all confined for a moment. Limiting social interactions in order to stem the spread of the virus is a collective challenge that rests on individual responsibility. Exit the gym, stadiums, gymnasiums and other forest trails! Now the sport is practiced between the 4 walls of his apartment and, for the lucky ones, on the lawn of his garden. Never mind, the web is now teeming with free lessons to help us keep in shape at home. Le Closet offers you here its selection that we tested and approved.


The Californian brand Lululemon encourages the practice of sport and well-being.
If social distancing is necessary given the current exceptional circumstances, Lululemon wishes to continue to encourage everyone to practice at home. Thanks to its community of ambassadors Lululemon has been making sport, yoga and meditation exercises available to everyone online for several years on its Youtube channel.



The multi-room subscription service for fitness and wellness, ClassPass, adapts its contents with free videos of HIIT, barre, yoga, stretching, pilates or meditations, in all the countries impacted by the closure of the studios and accessible to everybody thanks to free access.
The mission of ClassPass is to allow everyone to live an inspiring life every day by offering enriching experiences in the most accessible way possible.

Yoga by Heberson

Yoga by Heberson

For several years, the Yoga teacher and columnist in the program La Quotidienne on France 5 TV channel, Heberson Oliveira, has shared his practice with as many people as possible. Yoga in the Office is a series of postures to be performed at your workstation to reactivate your circulation, relieve tension, eliminate stress or reposition yourself. My Yoga Session in 15 min Chrono for an express session in order to relax and exercise your body enough on a daily basis.
More than 30 videos for beginners as for the most advanced on: or on its YouTube channel Yoga By Heberson:

or live on his Instagram @byheberson

RunMotion Coach for runners!


RunMotion Coach, the running coaching application, offers a video every week with exercises and tips that are simple to put into practice. Ideal for staying in shape during your confinement
Two coaching videos are already online. For example, on its first video, RunMotion Coach unveils its first muscle building session. On the program: 10 push-ups, 30 seconds of planking, 30 seconds of planking on each side, 10 squats and 30 seconds of chair. All to be done 4 times. A very nice session to realize while waiting for the next video next week. With this initiative, RunMotion Coach invites its community to meet several times a week for a sports session to practice at home.

The RunMotion Coach channel on Youtube

Adidas Training by Runtastic

Adidas Runstatic

As of March 23, the Adidas Training coaching application is free for 3 months to encourage the practice of sports in the most accessible way possible, and offers premium access to encourage sports activity at home.

The application offers various bodybuilding and fitness exercises, which can be done at home to help maintain physical activity. The Premium offer gives privileged access to subscribers, to all training plans as well as to all exercise videos in HD, and also allows you to be in contact with other practitioners.
To mobilize more participants, the brand wanted to mobilize all athletes to create or continue their sports routine, by launching the “Fit From Home Challenge” in the application. This challenge aims to create a collective momentum allowing to reach 1 million hours of cumulative exercise until April 19. The goal is not only to maintain a sporting activity to stay in shape, but also to participate in maintaining social ties.