Test: New Balance Fresh Foam 1080 V10

New Balance continues to evolve its running range with the brand new Fresh Foam 1080. The model promises us even more comfort stride after stride and sports a whole new bold look.

The 1080 is now a legendary model from New Balance. We had experienced the V9 which was the softest and most comfortable model we had tested so far.

New Fresh Foam X technology

The V10 incorporates Fresh Foam X technology, which comes from the brand’s latest advances in design and data exploitation. The work of New Balance’s R&D department promises more cushioning and higher energy return during the propulsion phase.
This new 1080v10 model offers extreme comfort with the added bonus of a neat look. The color gradient of the outsole indicates the main areas of impact on the ground.
Promising a perfect combination of comfort and dynamic rebound, this new generation one-piece sole still promises to be a great discovery that we can’t wait to test.
Two features complete this technology:

  • The new ULTRA HEEL heel cup, with its 3D design, offer more comfort and support in the heel, to be closer to the foot.
  • The LASER ENGRAVED, a process developed via the compilation of runner data, is a laser engraving of the external parts of the sole to gain lightness and dynamism.

What a design!

Finally, the woven mesh of this shoe is technical and breathable and the rubber outsole is made up of flex grooves.
We will all agree that the 1080 V10 has a very successful new slender design – we love the red and yellow colors – which will also make it a model to wear in lifestyle mode.

Price ? € 170