Testing compression sleeve Up eve by Thuasne

The french company “Medwearthech” offers a wide range of products for athletes. I tested the Up compression sleeves for just over two months. To summarize the lines that will follow, the UPs are sober, design, comfortable and really effective.

Whether you like it or not, compression sleeves have proven effectiveness for runners. They reduce vibrations and improve venous return. You are not running faster, but the onset of fatigue will be later and the risk of injury will be reduced. The calves take in up to 3 times the body weight during the impact of the run; we can easily understand their usefulness.
In this fast growing market, BV Sport is taking the lion’s share. But we must also count on Thuasne Sport, a company based in the same city.

Founded in 1847 for the trading of ribbons, it was in 1914 under the leadership of the founder’s grandson, Maurice Thuasne, that the company embarked on a medical shift. The Novelastic brand, at the origin of Thuasne Sport, was created in 1968 … Thuasne and sport, it’s already a long story!

The Saint Etienne brand compression range in 2 items: Up sleeves for exercise and Up recovery socks.
I have tested the sleeves in the past two months. Personally, I now systematize their use. The age, the accumulation of races and the regular change of shoes to carry out the tests, put a hard test on my calves. A succession of small contractures pushed me to take a step that will be final. I alternate from the sleeves, sometimes the R2V2 from Compressport which I appreciate especially in summer, then the Booster EVO Elite 2 from BV Sport, which I have already had the opportunity to tell you about. It’s the first time I’ve tested Thuasne Sport compression.

Visually, the difference between the different is not very noticeable. They are distinguished by the range of colors and the thickness of the mesh. The Up model tested is very sober and elegant, black complement, with some overlays. The mesh is not as fine as at Compressport, so less fragile, and less thick and hard than on Booster. The fiber in the sleeves is breathable and bacteriostatic to protect the skin against the development of bacteria and odors.
The test confirms the first impressions. Threading is easy, without forcing, and you immediately feel the compression take effect, especially at the base of the calf. The Up are very comfortable and light. They have a degressive compression: The most important pressure is located at the ankle and decreases as it rises to the bottom of the knee. Acting as a funnel to facilitate blood circulation and the elimination of toxins, they are intended to repel muscle pain and promote recovery.
Dozens of runs with the Up have convinced me of their qualities and benefits. The calves are well maintained and we feel lighter. As the kilometers are swallowed, the legs are lighter and the muscular pains are delayed very clearly. Less fragile, more comfortable, the sleeves are forgotten and facilitate effort over time. Recovery is also improved. The Thuasne Up are real allies of sport performance!

Available in several colors, and several sizes – make no mistake about the measurements – are undoubtedly the sleeves with the best value for money currently on the market.