A sports brand that is over 100 years old has quite a rich archive. That is why Karhu is introducing its “Hockey” Capsule collection, which consists of two hockey jerseys in collaboration with legendary Finnish Hockey brand TACKLA, coach jacket, two hoodies, two T-shirts, two pairs of socks and a “Hockey Bear” keychain.  

With this capsule collection, Karhu honours the legacy and heritage of its hockey DNA. Hockey is more than a sport; it is an attitude that is propagated worldwide. Karhu emphasizes this attitude of hockey using a colour palette that combines classic sportswear staples and the brands’ ice hockey culture. It uses graphic elements that highlight the universal understanding of what it means to be part of the ice hockey patrimony. 

Although this attitude is central to hockey, it can be found in every sport. It is the conviction that giving up is not a possibility, and the only thing that counts is winning. This attitude transcends the boundaries of teams, athletes, fans and individuals.