Cycling, the perfect complement to running … but you need to equip yourself first!

You may not know it, but cycling is a great addition to running. During the winter period, in particular, it promotes recovery. It constitutes additional muscular work and a means of increasing your training load. I have included it in my preparation since October and the results are remarkable.

Did you feel this morning freshness that stings the body during the first strides? It is sometimes necessary to deploy motivational treasures to set off on roads and paths. The muscles seem rock hard and the joints are rusty. It is not – only – old age, but especially the cold winter which complicates our efforts and increases the chances of injury if we neglect the essential warm-ups and stretching. However, collapsing on the couch watching the latest Netflix series is not a solution. Why not consider cycling? Whether indoors or outdoors, in all its forms, mountain biking, hybrid biking, racing or simply self-service bikes, it is a perfect complement to running!
So, if you can, do not hesitate to add the bicycle to your daily life, replacing the car or public transport … even outside strike periods.

Firstly because it is a great way to increase your training volume and work on muscle fatigue. During the preparation period, practicing at a moderate pace improves endurance. The multiplication of short sessions – to get to work for example – or long – beyond 1.5 hours – will help you progress by increasing the resistance to muscle and respiratory fatigue. Cycling also provides a muscular work complementary to running since it solicits quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Less restrictive on the articular, tendon and muscular plan, it is a good way to progress while recovering after a competition, during a busy period of preparation for a race or simply to return to training after an injury. But do not rely solely on your two wheels to progress and be ready on the day of a race; running is very demanding and do not expect to be able to exempt yourself from long or split runs if you value your goals. Athletes like long-distance runner Yoann Stuck have integrated it into their preparation for a long time.
Our advice is also to equip yourself well. Safety equipment such as a helmet and goggles is essential, as are suitable comfortable clothing, such as shorts and a windbreaker jacket in winter.

Here are some equipment ideas tested and validated by the editorial staff of after several months of testing.

Rudy Project Protera Helmet

I am not going to harp on how essential wearing a helmet is when riding a bike … although I should perhaps when I see the always large number of cyclists – especially in Paris – who deems its use superfluous. So yes, you must wear a helmet, even when traveling by vélib, no offense to esthetes! The use of a good helmet preferably, which protects from shocks, of course, but also which is light, airy and if possible pretty. Like the Protera helmet from the Italian brand Rudy Project. I am a mountain biker and I need a helmet that can protect me effectively, especially when I go out on very rough terrain. Protera has the advantage of being both comfortable and offering excellent protection. Its well thought-out locking system allows simple and easy removal of the straps. The design of its padding minimizes the perspiration process inside the helmet, which improves air circulation, avoids the release of unpleasant odors. The straps are washable and exchangeable, which allows greater durability but also to personalize its look.
The external polycarbonate shell in injected foam absorbs impacts. The result is a much more rigid structure, impact resistant and extremely light, allowing a better ventilation system … and an aerodynamic design. I love its red color – it also exists in other colors – which also allows me not to be the target of a hunter during my outings in the forest.

Rudy Project Rydon Slim glasses

The glasses are both an element of comfort and protection, against the sun, bad weather, branches and the multitude of projections. The Rydon is the emblematic model of Rudy Project, one of the world leaders in the field. It is aimed at athletes with a thinner face, like me. This model has improved adjustment factors and surprising details. The soft, adaptable nosepiece provides an ideal fit for all face shapes. This system also allows you to adjust the height of the glasses and their distance from the face to prevent fogging. The adaptable temple tips also ensure a personalized fit and a perfect grip.
Integrated hinges and flexible thermoplastic elastomers that prevent injury in the event of a fall, impact or collision. The glasses are easily interchangeable thanks to a quick change system allows you to choose the size and type of glasses that suit you best. And this guarantees perfect light management because you can easily mount or replace the lenses as needed.

Gore C7 Partial Windstopper Bib Tights

You will tell me that there is nothing less sexy than man in tights. Except that you will be very happy to wear them since they are windy, cold and your pretty buttocks! If you follow our section on tests, you know how much I have a soft spot for Gore wear textiles. I have tested their efficiency and comfort for running, and I have just done the same for mountain biking since November. Gore C7 partial Windstopper tights are thigh-high boots that protect against cold, wind and rain at the same time – just 300 g. Gore windstopper material has been integrated in important places to protect against wind chill and splash. They are also extremely breathable, comfortable and have reflective prints and logos.
I have used Gore C7 Partial tights in all weathers and I am completely crazy about them … even if, it must be admitted, there is indeed nothing less sexy than a cyclist in tights …

Gore C5 Gore-tex Infinimium Hybrid Hooded Jacket

This MTB jacket is made for variable weather, when you do not need a fully waterproof and bulky garment. Lighter and more breathable than a hardshell, it will comfortably follow all your movements, and in a quieter manner. The Gore-Tex Infinium material provides excellent resistance to water, while insulating you against the wind. Being breathable, you stay at a perfect temperature throughout your effort. This jacket has a large number of zipped pockets that will allow you to store keys, telephone and a few energy bars for your long bike trips. The straight collar is adjusted; tightening elements are arranged at the waist, and velcro at the wrists to adjust it and prevent the wind from rushing into the openings. The hood allows to be worn under the protective helmet, while providing good ventilation and perspiration evacuation.
It goes without saying that it has elements of visibility. In short, the C5 Gore tex infinium Hybrid jacket is a real marvel.