1460 Remastered : Dr. Martens x Raf Simons

The 1460 celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. To celebrate this anniversary, Dr. Martens is collaborating with 12 renowned labels and this month presents the iconic Original 1460 revisited by Raf Simons.

Dr. Martens and Raf Simons are strongly influenced by music, art and counter-cultures, and a new collaboration with the designer could only happen in perfect harmony. Beginning his creative work in the field of furniture design, Raf Simons turned to men’s fashion in 1995. Redefining the relationship between popular culture, art and clothing, he quickly became known in the fashion world. . And continues to make waves today. Never conformist, Simons offers his vision of the Remastered project by covering the smooth leather upper with a series of nickel rings in anarcho-punk style. Gimmick inspired by the customization trend born in the New Romantic / Punk club scene of the late 70s, the ring is also a nod to mid-century design – a tribute to the training of Raf Simons and his eternal attention to detail. A side logo embossed with Dr. Martens x Raf Simons signs the pair.

A subtle alliance of Raf Simons’ passion for Dr. Martens and his brilliant synthesis of the culture of countercultures, the result is the perfect combination of the eternal rebellious punk spirit and avant-garde design.