Nike unveils Tokyo 2020 outfits

Climate emergency is Nike’s watchword for the Tokyo Olympics. As a result, the outfits of all of its athletes are made of durable materials. Highlights include US team basketball outfits, advances in track and field outfits and mechanic suits to mark the entry of skateboarding into the games.

The jerseys of the United States National Women’s Basketball Team have hidden features that pay tribute to the women who have contributed to this dynasty of champions over the past 20 years. In addition, the choice to use suits 100% made of recycled polyester shows the concern for protecting the environment for the next generation of girls who will adopt this emblematic look.

In track and field, the new Aeroswift material has a lenticular design that reimagines colors by transforming static shades into dynamic hues that move and change when the body is in motion. The new material uses a mesh designed with knitted structures and subtle ridges, creating a garment that breathes and moves with the athlete – it also offers 25% more elasticity compared to previous kits.

For the entry of skateboarding into the Olympic Games this summer, Nike SB will launch outfits that are at the forefront of sustainable design. American, French and Brazilian athletes will participate by wearing uniforms designed in 100% recycled polyester, according to a pattern optimized to reduce waste and displaying a bold and vibrant style (developed in collaboration with the Dutch artist Parra), which pays homage to the unique sports culture of each nation.