Lizard is back!

It’s been 2 year since we have last met legendary Lizard King. The pro skater who was back to Paris with Team Supra took the time to catch up with us like homies from the past.

Hey what’s up? It’s been what, like 2 years? I heard everything changed on your side.

Well, right I have a 3 years old daughter. I like to spend half of my time with her, doing kids stuffs and I love it.

I also quit drinking so I am 1000 times healthier. I feel good everyday it’s crazy!

How is your kid doing?

My whole life, everything is about her. She just started school. She is really smart, talks a lot and can have a real  attitude too. Don’t know where she got it from, LOL.

It s amazing to watch her going from not talking to have little friend following you everywhere and asking stuffs all the time. What is this? Why is that? You know!

So you moved back to Salt Lake City to raise her in a good environment?

It went like from L.A to SLC to L.A back again. We are separated with my kid’s mom and she wants to be in California. As an actress and model that is where her job is. Skateboarding is also in California. It is more expensive. It is like a 45 minutes mission to go get a coffee, so nuts!!! I live in Altadina, it is like a suburb of L.A. Away from parties, at 5 o’clock there is nobody on the road, just kids everywhere.

I really like SLC, that is where I grew up. It is  not too far away. I love it there, we are close to mountains, we can do cycling, rockclimbing, skateboarding. There is an easier access to everything. Less drive time.

To compare, let’s say, SLC is a community smaller town, in L.A there are so many people. There are some ups and downs, the weather is always nice, it is skateboarder paradise. If I had a chance I’d be in Utah. Most of my childhood friends are in Utah. Even though I have some close friends I grew up with the last 10 years in California.

You had your most epic scenes under substances. What is the difference of skating sober?

I am consistent, my fucking brain is working.

But you there must be more fear, no?

Actually, I’m better than I ever was because I’m focused. Skateboarding is very technical. Before I would just jump and if I’d get hurt, I’d go partying and fuck it. But now I can focus all the time and make my tricks.

What fuels you after all these years?

I have a kid and I don’t wanna have a job. Feel like it’s my time to shine. I have been good but now I am in my prime. My daughter changed my a whole world. What I am gonna do to take care of her?

Since you are sober, are you conscious of the quality of products?

I can give inputs cause I am more conscient and involved in the process. Back in the days, at the end of the day, I did not really care. I just wanted the check. Now I want great products and still the check.

So tell me about your shoes, the Kensington.

They are made to just be able to jump off anything but still thin so that you are not bruising your feet. I wanted no lines, a super smooth design, little laces, really clean. We are developing a new sole that absorbs impact with great boardfeel. That’s what I need and what I want. In the process had a little back and forth with the lab, few meetings and now it’s time to get the samples.

What about your daughter, did she had an input?

My kid was there at the table eating yogurt. No input from her. I only asked her to say daddy needs a raise, I want new toys.