Dare to Stand Out!

Voici le nouvel épisode de la chronique de Piera dans laquelle elle partage avec nous sa vie de femme dans le milieu des sneakerheads .

After talking about relationships, I feel like it’s time to address another type of interaction. It’s time to talk about ourselves. Are we happy with ourselves, or are we self-conscious and insecure? How comfortable are we in our own skin and how far are things as clothes, styles and activities a masquerade?

Let’s take style. Going with trends is not only a sign of someone’s interest for pop culture, but could also be a way to blend in. A way to avoid standing out when walking through the streets or going into a club or a bar. This obviously doesn’t mean that everyone who wants to be viewed as an individual has to decline every trend straight away. It also doesn’t mean that dressing en vogue means that you are the most insecure and self-conscious human being, but that it can sometimes be easier to blend in rather than stand out. I have quite a distinct style, especially for the place I live in and I don’t think too much about it. I often wear what’s comfortable to me without forgetting to try out new things. But I do feel like I can tell what suits me and what not, which hasn’t been like this all of my life. We all went through experiments and so did I. Have I always felt comfortable in my own skin? Definitely not. Have I worn things just to impress or blend into a group? Yes, I have.


In my teens i’ve always had boys as friends. I had “homies” that would all have some type of connection to hip hop music, and so did I. Obviously the way they used to dress was pretty stereotypical – saggy pants, big shirts and hoodies, and fitted caps. Don’t forget that we are speaking of 2005 or 2006 right now and that’s what rappers or simply hip hop heads looked like back in the days. Obviously I used to wear the exact same things. Saggy pants, wife beaters and hoodies used to be my go to. It was the first time in my life that I had something close to a clique after I’ve been an outcast that was not only bullied, but also way too introverted to bond with people. So suddenly there was something I could be part of, and so did I. Although I would probably still wear saggy jeans with a tight top, or a crop and an open jacket up to this day, I wouldn’t hide my femininity as I used to. I’ve learned to love my curves and feel comfortable in my own skin. With the moment I’ve started to love myself for what I am, I’ve started wearing what I liked and stopped trying to blend in. I don’t care how much people will stare at me for my tomboyish outfit or for wearing something super feminine. I will forever wear what I like regardless of how popular the brands or silhouettes the clothes are that I have on.

Dare to stand out and most of all, dare to be yourself.