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Compressort Training Seamless

The iconic Swiss brand of “Ironman and ultra” presented a new range on the crossroad of sportwear and performance, called Training Seamless. We’ve been training with LS Shirt, Seamless Zip Sweater and Seamless Pants all fall. Obviously these are comfortable, light, technical and stylish clothes.

The boundaries between performance and lifestyle keep blurring. The athletic wave is now hitting Compressport, the ultimate performance brand. It is also the Ironman’s partner and supplier of many athletes specialized in ultras such as Jordi Gamito, Aurélien Durand Pallos, Diego Pazos or Helio Fumo.
As usual, I was very curious to discover the range called “Training Seamless”. The challenge is not easy for Compressport, respecting technical standards such as lightness, breathability, intended for performance, the brand’s DNA, while designing everyday wear that is both comfortable and stylish.
The new range consists of a “Seamless LS Shirt sweater”, a “Seamless Pants” and a long sleeve “Training LS Shirt”.

The inevitable Seamless technology can be found throughout the range, which makes it possible to assemble several types of weaves and fibers without any seam. It thus avoids unpleasant friction, irritations caused during prolonged efforts, while lightening the garment.
The t-shirt, sweatshirt and pants have ventilation zones which are positioned in strategic places for perfect evacuation of heat and perspiration. They are assembled with mesh and more or less thick weaving zones which allow to stay warm, when necessary and to avoid overheating during prolonged efforts.
The range is made of breathable, very light and soft microfiber, which allows ultra-fast drying. The clothes adjust perfectly to the morphology of the body, while allowing great freedom of movement.
The Training LS shirt weighs only 138 grams! Light, its microfiber is hydrophobic. Its fibers and weave allow optimal regulation of body temperature while providing protection against the cold. Its cut is more adjusted at the shoulders and arms so as not to impede movement.
The Training LS Shirt is a zip-up sweatshirt with a slightly high collar. Its 3D weaving and its thermo loops provide insulation against the cold, and maintain an optimal even when the temperatures are cooler. It is ideal as a complement to a second layer. Its contoured cut hugs the body perfectly for a very adjusted effect.
The Seamless Pant is also composed of 3D weaving, of several thicknesses and ventilation levels. Its slim-fit cut is wider at the thighs for greater freedom of movement. It tightens at the calves to avoid discomfort during exercise. The fiber is stretchable for maximum comfort. A drawstring installed at the waist allows adjustment.

The look of the Training Seamless range is resolutely technical and relaxed. At first glance, we recognize the leg of the Swiss house both by the sobriety of the design and the delicacy of the very adjusted cuts.
The 3D weaving of the Seamless Zip Sweater and the Seamless Pants gives them a modern look which is highlighted by the unique color-anthracite.
The comfortable aspect is underlined as well by the fine and soft mesh, as by the cuts at the same time adjusted, where it is necessary, and wider at others, like on the thighs, for the freedom of movement.
I have been wearing the whole range at least once a week since early October. In addition to the style that I find sober, modern and elegant, the clothes are also very comfortable. The style and technicality of the products allowed me to use them in the gym, before and after a few races, during a few outings running, traveling by plane …. And even on Sunday, at home, when I just wanted to do nothing.
The fibers are very soft, pleasant, thermoregulatory and allow a perfect evacuation of the heat during the sporting practice. I particularly appreciated the use of pants during outdoor training which this December was particularly cold. No doubt, I will continue to wear Training LS Shirt, Seamless Zip Sweater and Seamless Pants, until spring.

Excellent thermoregulation, super comfort, excellent technical and casual style to wear for any occasion, in short, a bet succeeds for this first athleisure range. Compressport succeeds in the challenge of designing clothes technical, comfortable and stylish, which will suit fans of the brand and sportspeople looking for more lifestyle outfits.

The prices ?
Seamless Zip Sweatshirt = € 85
LS training T-shirt = 60 €
Pants Seamless Patterns = € 80