Jealousy in the Air

While my previous piece was mainly about the perception some men could have of some women (let’s not ever generalize, party people), this one will be about women. How women see other women and maybe even treat them.

Jay-Z once said „Jealousy is a female treat“, which I totally agree on. Although the ladies often seem to be super nice and kind, they can tend to put themselves in competition with other females. Especially when they happen to be in an environment where the female gender is in minority.

There aren’t too many of us who are involved in sneakers and I have to admit, that unfortunately I don’t take all of us seriously either. I can be biased to, but at least I try not to be and give respect when respect is due.

I think that the best way not to be jealous nor competitive is to be aware of the own qualities and skills. My sweetheart Sanne aka Girl on Kicks is a great example. I respect her work a lot and I’m happy to call her a friend, although we both blog and she’s way more successful with her blog than I’m with mine. But instead of hating on one another we share our steps and talk about our work and are happy for one another. There’s no jealousy, no competition nor hate. That’s the type of environment I’d recommend everyone to surround herself with.

No one of us has time nor energy to waste on the wrong people or on being a jealous person, when we have goals. Why do we always have to fight, talk behind each others backs and be in competition for some male attention? If you actually think about it, it’s one of the stupidest things ever. These women aren’t fighting for their men/boyfriends or relationships – they are bothered by another female getting more attention by a random guy they eventually have a friendship with. It’s so weird and unreasonable that it seems funny when thinking about it. We don’t need that stuff, we need us and real friends. Isn’t it more important to do things in order to feel more comfortable in our own skin instead of getting someone’s acceptance? Especially when it’s somebody we don’t even care about? I applaud to every girl who owns it. You want to show skin and doll up because you feel hot today? Yas, do it and own it. You feel like going out without make up and baggy clothes because you have a comfortable day? Yes please! Do it without feeling insecure. You will get attention regardless of how much make up you are wearing, how tight your jeans and how dope your sneakers are, as long as people notice that you feel comfortable in your own skin. Jealousy and hate will make the most beautiful person look ugly.

The road to the top is hard enough, no need for hateration on the way.