During Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the GORE-TEX brand showroom once again highlights the union of creativity and technicality. The opportunity not only to present these pieces from the past and today, but also to show what the GORE-TEX technologies can bring to the fashion and lifestyle products of tomorrow: GORE-TEX SHAKEDRYTM textures so characteristic, to the versatility of the new high-performance, non-waterproof GORE-TEX INFINIUMTM range. For brands and designers, these constantly evolving technologies and products represent an endless source of inspiration.

The exhibition “Selected Memories of Functionality” was conceived with this mindset. It presents a selection of emblematic products of the GORE-TEX brand evoking the history of FUTURA LABORATORIES. In addition to these legendary jackets and shoes, models from the archives of the GORE-TEX brand and from its many partners show the current situation of functional clothing and shoes, while exploring the opportunities for the future. The exhibition is a basis for reflection on this subject. It is also a way to invite visitors to follow the GORE-TEX brand in its perpetual reinvention of the concept of functionality.The first edition “Selected Memories”, held at Paris Fashion Week Man in January 2019 , was designed around the relationship between the GORE-TEX brand and stylist and creative advisor Stephen Mann, based in London. The 2020 edition guided the GORE-TEX brand across the Atlantic, in New York, where Leonard Hilton McGurr better known by his (more appropriate) artist name: Futura resides. For the occasion, Futura, through its brand platform and creation studio Futura Laboratories, has selected a range of products that have particularly marked it, from its personal archives but also from more recent collections: Clarks Wallabees, Danner shoes and Timberland, Nike SB Dunks and Converses waterproof models, or branded jackets such as A Bathing Ape, NikeLab ACG, Beretta, Burton [ak], Junya Watanabe MAN, and Off-White. It is all the diversity of applications of GORE-TEX technologies that will be presented during this exhibition.

A child of the city in the 1970s, Futura joined the urban landscape in the same way as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring. His characteristic graffiti style, highlighting futuristic and abstract graphics, is still recognizable today. Having become cult for having worked in the musical world, Futura has become just as well known in the landscape of haute couture, graphic design and progressive streetwear. The artist, through his commercial design brand Futura Laboratories, has collaborated with brands including Supreme, Nike, and Undercover, working on many of their iconic models over the years. What is striking is that all of these brands are also GORE-TEX partners. Which seems logical: one is a graffiti artist known for his avant-garde techniques and expressions; the other a brand of high-tech components and fabrics known to do the exact same thing.

Among the highlights of the GORE-TEX showroom: the presentation of four all-white GORE-TEX combinations, specially designed and manufactured for the occasion. Each one is personalized and signed by the artist.
The GORE-TEX showroom in Paris also presents exclusive collaborations between the GORE-TEX and FUTURA LABORATORIES brands: The first for a GORE-TEX poncho against rain, developed in-house at Gore; the second for a conceptual shoe model – Project- X – designed and initiated by The Footsoldiers to celebrate their 10 years of existence, and jointly developed by Gore, Avery Dennison (uppers and component), Vibram (sole) and ShoeFabrik (production ). For the creation by Gore of this particular shoe, a signature motif designed by FUTURA LABORATORIES has been integrated on the rod and components. The same pattern also appears on the custom-made GORE-TEX poncho. Gore will be the first partner to present this basketball. The shoes and the poncho, were created as non-commercial conceptual models, with a real highlight of the fabric and the shoe technologies used. Besides these presentations, the showroom offers visitors the opportunity to see up close a wide range of recent products, unique products that have seen the light of day thanks to the collaboration of the GORE-TEX brand with renowned partners in the fashion and lifestyle sector.


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